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News 9 December 2022

Heart-warming musical news for frosty December ☃️

Imaginary ice land with music notes dancing and bright sunshine, very dreamy and heart-warming, AI-generated image

A frosty December makes us imagine a sparkling dance of musical notes on floating ice, basking in the warm rays of bright sunshine… just like in an AI-generated image above. It is also a time when Advent Calendars are popping up everywhere, and so we invite you to follow us on instagram or mastodon for Bach Club’s own short daily snippets of music and visuals, sometimes filled with humour, and always heart-warming.

The series is curated by Kirsten, Bach Club’s creative partner, who is also an author of her thought-provoking monthly newsletter, “Backstage” filled with reflections, music, images, and more. Check a sample in Bach Club’s Magazine and there you will find a link to subscribe.

As for the social media – we invite you to sign up to our mastodon instance: artsculture.media (you will get a nice @you@artsculture.media handle), or if you already have an account, connect with us – search for @bachdotclub@artsculture.media.

Is the recent rise of this platform a sign that social media is slowly going back to the people, proritizing real connections rather than corporate interests and influencers’ profits? What do you think? Why not try, and post your comments on mastodon…

A date for your diary

A Beautiful Object, our project shining new light on an old favourite (=harpsichord!) is being premiered on 17 March 2023 at Barnes Music Festival. Save the date and we will update you with more details soon.

In the meantime, the fundraising is still ongoing so that apart from the concert we can produce a recording, a short documentary video, and start planning to take this programme on tour. Thank you to our Friends, who have already supported us, and if you would also like to take part, please read more here:

With warmest wishes and a peaceful time in the run up to Christmas,
Pawel and Team

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