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Bach, Blavet, and Scots Airs

Ashley Solomon, flute
Pawel Siwczak, harpsichord


The ethereal beauty of the flute, an instrument played by kings, and the sparkling richness of the harpsichord meet in this programme of German & French baroque music and Scottish folk inspirations.

  • Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
    Sonata for flute and harpsichord (obligato) in E flat major BWV1031

Allegro moderato

  • Michel Blavet (1700-1768)
    Sonata Op.2 No.2 in d minor

La Vibray
Allemanda (Allegro)
Gavotta: Les Croquets (Moderato)
Sarabanda (Largo)

  • Francesco Barsanti (16901775)
    From A Colletion of Old Scots Tunes with the Bass


Click on the  (menu) in the video player above or on the circles in the timeline to navigate the programme.




Programme Notes

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About the artists
Ashley Solomon

Combining a successful career across both theory and practice, Ashley is Chair and Head of Historical Performance at London’s Royal College of Music, having been appointed a professor in 1994.

He has given masterclasses and lectures worldwide, including at The Juilliard School, Yale University, Case Western Reserve University, Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, Oslo and Bergen Conservatories, Frankfurt Hochschule and Mozarteum in Salzburg. Recent lectures include Telemann and the baroque flute – a true synthesis explored through his solo flute fantasias, given at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Singapore (20/10/17) and Sydney Conservatorium of Music (24/10/17).

As Director of Florilegium much of Ashley’s time is spent working and performing with Florilegium, the ensemble he co-founded in 1991. They have a busy touring schedule and have been recording with the Dutch label Channel Classics since 1993 and have made 30 recordings and given over 1000 concert performances.

As a soloist, he has performed worldwide, including concertos in the Sydney Opera House, Esplanade (Singapore), Teatro Colon (Buenos Aires), Concertgebouw (Amsterdam), Konzerthaus (Vienna), Beethoven-Haus (Bonn), Handel-Haus (Halle) and Frick Collection (New York).

He also records as a solo artist with Channel Classics and his recording of the complete Bach’s Flute Sonatas was recently voted the best overall version of these works on either modern or period flute by Gramophone Magazine (February 2017).

In 2002 Florilegium became involved with Bolivian Baroque and since 2003 Ashley has been training vocalists and instrumentalists there. Initially solo singers, he formed Arakaendar Bolivia Choir in 2005. He has directed them in concerts in Bolivia, North America and Europe, including two major tours of UK and their three CDs. In 2008 Ashley was the first European to receive the prestigious Bolivian Hans Roth Prize, given to him in recognition of the enormous assistance he has given to the Bolivian native Indians, their presence on the international stage and the promotion and preservation of this music.

Pawel Siwczak

Pawel Siwczak is a Polish & British musician based in London. He has a passion for historical keyboards, especially harpsichord and fortepiano, which he studied extensively and continues to explore in his career. He is the winner of 8th Broadwood Harpsichord Competition and the Musica Britannica prize.

Pawel’s performance and recording career is diverse, ranging from solo recitals to conducting from the harpsichord, and collaborations with numerous orchestras and ensembles, most recently Florilegium, The Bach Players, Britten Sinfonia, Royal Northern Sinfonia. He is a teacher at the Royal Academy of Music and a director of Bach Club (https://bach.club).

Pawel puts emphasis on the storytelling power of the language of music; the sheer ability to communicate expressively with the audience is key to him.


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