Music at the Bach Club

Bach Club has been prepared with music at its heart and specifically addresses musicians who need to use a harpsichord or a fortepiano for rehearsals, teaching or for individual practice. Both instruments live here so there is no need to book them separately. We also have music stands for your convenience, and every rehearsal’s essentials: tea & coffee to help you re-focus. And if the weather is nice, there is plenty of green space in King George’s Park to take your packed lunch or relax.

Crucially, the space has been shaped towards a friendly, live acoustic and it lends itself well to small scale recitals (please see What’s on), and it is suitable for demo recordings, both audio and video. (Please note: we cannot guarantee absolute silence required for commercial projects).

If you would like to book Bach Club please enquire here.

Please read below about our historical keyboard instruments.


Double manual harpsichord in a Flemish ravalement style.
Transposing A=415/440
Registers 8’ 8’ 4’ buff stop
Compass FF-d3
Built by Mark Stevenson, Cambridge 1980 after the Ruckers-style instrument at Villa Medici in Rome. Restoration and regulation works carried by Mark Ransom (2014) and Alan Gotto (2017).


After Walter & Sohn (ca. 1805)
Tuned to A=430
Compass FF – c4
Three knee levers: una corda, moderator, sustaining
Built by Paul McNulty, Divisov 2011