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Bach Club is inclusive and are working towards improving access to arts and music. Some ways in which we want to realize these goals are:

  • open ticket pricing: we suggest a fair price for tickets to our concerts; however, we invite our guests to specify their own price, so everyone can pay as much or as little as reasonable and viable in each individual case
  • filming and recording: most of our concerts are filmed so that they can be enjoyed by those unable to travel, or to leave homes; or maybe you want to re-live the concert from the comfort of your home, and perhaps invite your friends or neighbours to a watch party? You decide!
  • varied and engaging repertoire and a wide spectrum of artists: even though Bach Club breathes baroque and classical music, we like crossing boundaries, collaborations and sometimes experiments; and we try to engage artist who are at various stages in their careers, so that music making feels always fresh and at a professional level; and it also speaks a language comprehensible for today’s audiences

In realizing our plans we rely on your generosity, our Friends and Patrons. Thank you! You can now play your part in bringing them to life.

We are fundraising!

A beautiful new concert is in the making – please help us raise the funds to bring this concert to life. With focus on the harpsichord in a modern light, including a new commission from a phenomenal young composer… Please donate now, or click here to learn more. Thank you!

You have recently helped us successfully complete our Haydn and Mozart project “Forgive me if I lose my head”. Thank you ❤️

Some of the other ways you can help

On-line shopping

There are thousands of retailers that may offer a small donation to Bach Club, at no cost to you. Please register for easyfundraising and every time you shop on-line you might be able to raise some funds for us.

You just need to ensure that you either click through from the easyfundraising website or app, or install a browser extension that will let you activate the donation each time.

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Reviews & Testimonials

We would like to know what you love about Bach Club. Perhaps there were some special moments during our concerts? Or some of the music you listened to triggered a particularly good emotion? Please share your good thoughts with us and we might use that as a testimonial to help us promote our work.

If you are inclined to write a blog post, newspaper or magazine article, or talk about us on radio or tv, we would appreciate that. Please let us know and we can provide more information, if you need.

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Invite your friends

No campaign can be better than a word of mouth, so please tell your friends about Bach Club. We will be honoured to welcome them – Bach Club is about the community, so let’s share the gift of music and enjoy it together.

If you are social media savvy, please mention us on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, even Facebook… Tag us @bachdotclub and spread the word among your friends.

Thank you

We are very grateful to our Friends. You help us continue our good work:

Julian and Annette Armstrong

Donella Caubo

Peter Chapman

Anne Crofts

Steven Devine

Anna Drysdale

Martin and Helen Haddon

Geoff Hutchings

Gillian Ingham

Jonathan Julyan

Diana MacPherson

Inge and Nicholas Newton

Andrew Purkis

Judith and John Roscoe

Waldemar Siwczak

Cathryn Stokes

Basil and Beatriz Strong

Barry Swannie

Christoph Trestler

Virginia West

Thank you for considering partnering with us and embarking on this new journey together – your gift will allow us to keep playing for you.

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