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We are very grateful to our Friends who have made donations:

Julian and Annette Armstrong

Donella Caubo

Martin and Helen Haddon

Geoff Hutchings

Gillian Ingham

Inge and Nicholas Newton

Andrew Purkis

Judith and John Roscoe

Waldemar Siwczak

Cathryn Stokes

Basil and Betriz Strong

Barry Swannie

Virginia West

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A plea from Pawel and Samo

Directors of Bach Club CIC

We have founded Bach Club with you, our patrons, and with musicians in mind. It is primarily a music venue where we can meet and enjoy concerts in an intimate setting, where we can rehearse, talk and learn. In these difficult times during which all the public performances have been cancelled in line with “social distancing” policy we lost all our income. We miss you, our friends and guests, and we hope that when the situation normalises we can resume our musical activities and welcome you back.


To help us survive these financially perilous times please consider giving us a donation that would help us pay the bills. We will appreciate if you also invite your friends to do so. As we are a Community Interest Company you can be sure that the funds will be used to benefit the wider community, in line with our statutory declarations.


We will happily publish your name as our friend and supporter on our website (unless you prefer to remain anonymous) and invite you to our concerts as soon as we can.

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