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Pawel Siwczak fortepiano

Adagio quasi una fantasia
from Ludwig van Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No 14 in C sharp minor Op. 27 No. 2

Release date: 18 September 2021

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“Moonlight Sonata”

While walking the cobbled streets of Eze, a medieval village in south of France, young Pawel stumbled upon a piano in an art gallery.

He decided to try it out and played the first movement of Beethoven’s «Moonlight Sonata». Such is the power of this music that visitors and passers-by were instantly captivated, and Pawel was impressed by their reaction. It is because of these childhood memories that he has chosen this movement as his debut single to be released under the newly established Bach Club label.

Beethoven composed his Sonata No. 14 in Vienna in 1801. Pawel plays it on a copy of a Viennese fortepiano from the same period. Enjoy this piece as it may have sounded when Beethoven first played it, be transported in time, and maybe even enchanted by its spell.

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Pawel Siwczak

Pawel Siwczak

harpsichordist, fortepianist

Pawel Siwczak is a Polish & British musician based in London. He has a passion for historical keyboards, especially harpsichord and fortepiano, which he studied extensively and continues to explore in his career. He is the winner of 8th Broadwood Harpsichord Competition and the Musica Britannica prize.
Pawel’s performances are diverse, ranging from solo recitals to conducting from the keyboard, and collaborations with orchestras and ensembles.
He thrives working with other art disciplines: his project with a PC Music artist Danny Harle was featured by BBC Radio among “Five of the BBC’s weirdest live sessions ever”, a concise summary of Pawel’s experimental spirit combined with traditional classical training.
He is a teacher at the Royal Academy of Music and a director of Bach Club.
Pawel puts emphasis on the storytelling power of the language of music; the sheer ability to communicate expressively with the audience is key to him.

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